The microbiology department of Sir Ganga Ram City Hospital uses global equipment and procedures to diagnose infectious illnesses precisely, accurately, and quickly. It is backed up by a staff of dedicated and competent workers that help it operate as a full-service microbiology hospital that offers diagnostic services in the following areas. For provisioning and infection testing, all of the samples are transported to the microbiological lab. All samples, especially CSF and bodily fluids, are thoroughly examined. Cryptococcal meningitis, tuberculous brain abscess, widespread nocardiosis, cardiac hydatidosis, and systemic histoplasmosis have all been detected thanks to this.

Our Contemporary techniques:

  • NASBA (Nucleic Acid Sequence Based Amplification) assays started for molecular diagnosis of CMV and HIV (quantitative).
  • Geneprobe for molecular diagnosis of TB (RNA amplification assay) BacTAleart-3D also includes automotion for rapid culture of mycobacteria. Rapid accuprobe assay done for species identification of mycobacteria.
  • Automation in blood culture (BacT/Alert), the first in north India.
  • VITEK-2 has been acquired by upgrading Vitek-1, for automation in bacterial identification and antimicrobial sensitivity (with MIC values).
  • Direct fluorescence assay (for M. tuberculosis)
  • Profiles for viral hepatitis (A, B, C and E). Ours is probably the only laboratory in the city that confirms hepatitis B virus surface antigen positive cases with a confirmatory neutralisation assay.
  • Rapid diagnostic tests for HIV (all HIV positives are confirmed with 3 different ELISAs as per WHO recommendations), cryptococcal meningitis and leptospirosis.
  • ELISA for dengue fever, mycobacterial infections, amoebiasis, etc.
  • Assay for minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) using the Etest, to obtain accurate knowledge of antibiotic sensitivity
  • Schlichter's Test: The efficacy of antibiotics against bacterial isolates in vivo is ensured by the Schlichter's test. This is important in patients with bacterial endocarditis, that facing antibiotic therapy failure and in determining the efficacy of switching from parenteral to oral therapy before discharge.

Why choose Sir Ganga Ram City Hospital?

Sir Ganga Ram City Hospital is one of the trusted hospitals in Delhi as well as in India. There are several grounds that make us the top-most hospital of choice of patients and their family members

  • Proven Clinical Excellence - We unceasingly outdo the industry benchmarks in medical outcomes
  • High-tech healthcare facilities through cutting edge technology - access to the newest drugs, getting the finest treatment technology as well as the latest digital technology available to support clinical and patient administration structures
  • Highly experienced and competent doctors, medical professionals and staffs
  • Personalised care - Our hospital's philosophy revolves around providing personalised care for the most comfortable healthcare experience possible.
  • Quality & cost-efficient Healthcare  - Our commitment to patients of outstanding clinical care and friendly atmosphere that is cost efficient too
  • Central location and easy accessibility